Mr. Ramkumar is currently a director of Continental and past Chairman of the board of Snipp Interactive Inc., a public company offering promotional and loyalty platform and services to consumer product companies. Mr. Ramkumar has also served on the boards of numerous other public companies listed on the TSX and NASDAQ, including Inscape Corporation where he was CEO until 2004. His background includes extensive experience as President and CEO with public companies in the manufacture of office furniture. Mr. Ramkumar was part of a team that lead the growth of these companies in the North American market with facilities in Canada and the US. Over the last 10 years, Mr. Ramkumar has been an investor in a number of business ventures ranging from flexographic printing to technology development in  the  area  of  extracting  metals  from  minerals.  Mr.  Ramkumar  has  a  Bachelor  of  Technology (Metallurgical Engineering) and Master of Business Administration from the University of Toronto and was a chartered accountant.