The Power of Light

We believe that when it comes to light, it’s time to step out of the dark. At Metamaterial Inc. (“META”), we design and manufacture complex films and other materials called metamaterials, materials that can manipulate and utilize light and other forms of energy in new and often amazing ways.

Our products are designed with software and engineered at nanoscopic levels to provide a broad spectrum of properties and capabilities that go beyond those found in natural materials which are generally not possible to create using conventional material discovery or specialty chemical manufacturing technologies.

We apply this technology to revolutionize everything from solar solutions to aircraft safety, to wearable technology. All of our products are designed and manufactured with environmental sustainability as a high priority.

Whether it’s the science behind the design of metamaterials or the nanofabrication technologies used to make them, everything about metamaterials is complex. Learn more here.

META. Mastering light. Going beyond

Latest Updates From META

The Dawn of Electro-Optics: Emerging Multi-functional & High-Performance Metamaterials

Join META’s CTO Jonathan Waldern at TechBlick’s upcoming virtual event, Innovations & Market Trends In Displays & Lighting, July 14-16th.

Jonathan’s talk will be entitled “The Dawn of Electro-Optics: Emerging Multi-functional & High-Performance Metamaterials” and is slated for July 15th @ 6:20PM CET (12:20PM ET).

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National Sheriffs' Association (NSA) Conference - June 22-24

META is exhibiting at the National Sheriffs’ Association’s (NSA) Conference in Phoenix, June 22-24. Drop by Booth #402 and see our META® SHIELD Laser Glare Protection demos in action.

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Aerospace & Defense

Our solutions range from optical filtering, to EMI Shielding, to de-icing and de-fogging



Our emerging technologies can benefit the automotive industry


Consumer Electronics

Our NANOWEB® technology is one of the only viable alternatives to ITO. It offers very high conductivity and optical transmission and can outperform many current smart phones



We are developing new solar films that have the potential to increase solar cell efficiency by collecting and absorbing light from all angles



Through research and development, we are pioneering cutting edge wireless devices in medical diagnostics and monitoring


We Go Beyond to Innovate

We are changing the way we use, interact and benefit from light

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