Consumer Electronics Applications

Augmented Reality

At the heart of any augmented reality device is the optical combiner that takes light from the real world and overlays digital information from the virtual world. At META, we design and produce custom volume holograms for use as optical combiners in augmented reality eyewear and other transparent display products.

A proprietary photopolymer and advanced recording approaches allows us to fabricate components that replicate the optical behaviour of bulky, heavy lenses and mirrors within a thin, lightweight and cost-effective plastic film. These approaches can be extended to produce novel holographic optical components that have no analogs in conventional optics. The result is a new class of optical components that direct and channel light with high spectral and angular selectivity, low haze, and high transparency.

META scientists have worked with industry leaders from around the world to design, test and manufacture holographic optical components tailored to meet their application requirements. The company’s optical experts have experience developing components with complex diffractive and spectral performance for free space reflective elements, waveguide couplers and other beam combining components. They are backed by a complete suite of simulation tools, tunable lasers, clean environments and cutting edge optomechanics and automation. Applications include consumer and enterprise augmented reality headsets, head-up displays for the automotive and aerospace industry, and emerging urban and architectural transparent displays.

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