Meta Materials Inc. (META®) is an advanced materials and nanotechnology company.  Metamaterials have the ability to manipulate light, heat, and other forms of electromagnetic waves in ways not found in nature. We design and fabricate materials with new functionalities, delivering breakthrough performance for applications across a range of industries. 

NANOWEB® Revolutionary Transparent Conductive Film

NANOWEB® is our revolutionary transparent conductive film which is a superior alternative to Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), Silver Nanowire (AgNW), graphene and carbon nanotube among other ITO-alternative technologies.

holoOPTIX™ Holographic Optical Components

holoOPTIX™ holographic optical components are fabricated on META’s Holography platform. Interference patterns are recorded with a laser into a light-sensitive photopolymer material to form Volume Holographic Gratings (VHGs), which transmit or reflect light in various ways, depending on the geometric structure of the recorded pattern. Browse holoOPTIX™ in our online store today.

ARfusion™ for Smart Augmented Reality Eyewear

ARfusion™ technology combines precision cast lens fabrication tools with functional metamaterials and volume holograms, to provide AR wearable developers with a platform for seamlessly integrating smart technologies into thin lightweight prescription glasses.

Laser Glare Protection for Pilots

metaAIR® Laser Glare Protection Eyewear offers a unique combination of transparency, and color fidelity.

glucoWISE® Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring

META is currently developing a unique new product, called glucoWISE®, that is envisioned to be a non-invasive, 100% pain-free device for the monitoring of blood glucose levels without the need to pierce the user’s skin. glucoWISE® is still in development. Visit for updates.

Photo above is a rendering

NPORE® Nanocomposite Ceramic Battery Separator

NPORE® is the world’s first flexible, freestanding ceramic nanoporous membrane separator for lithium ion batteries. NPORE® separators eliminate the use of plastic substrate, and provide superior functionality and outstanding heat resistance for current and next generation lithium ion batteries.

NPORE® separator prevents thermal runaway in nail penetration test