META is a developer of high-performance functional materials and nanocomposites.  Metamaterials have the ability to manipulate light, heat, and other forms of electromagnetic waves in ways not found in nature. We design and fabricate materials with new functionalities, delivering breakthrough performance for applications across a range of industries. 

metaAIR® Laser Glare Protection Eyewear offers a unique combination of transparency, and color fidelity. To learn more, visit

NANOWEB® is our revolutionary transparent conductive film which is a superior alternative to Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), Silver Nanowire (AgNW), graphene and carbon nanotube among other ITO-alternative technologies.

holoOPTIX™ holographic optical components are fabricated on META’s Holography platform. Interference patterns are recorded with a laser into a light-sensitive photopolymer material to form Volume Holographic Gratings (VHGs), which transmit or reflect light in various ways, depending on the geometric structure of the recorded pattern. Browse holoOPTIX™ in our online store today.

glucoWISE® is still in development. Visit for updates.