LiveOptik™ PROTECT Security Foil

Secure nano-optic stock security foil to validate product authenticity

LiveOptik™ PROTECT security foil by META® delivers striking, multi-image, visual effects with unmatched bright colours to create a memorable and enduring authentication experience. Backed by LiveOptik nano-optic technology, LiveOptik PROTECT security foil delivers a proven solution to combat counterfeiting. Designed for easy integration, LiveOptik PROTECT security foil features a uniquely secure, patterned design available in a format that is broadly supported and durable across a wide range of material substrates and application processes. Add a sophisticated, attractive brand authentication complement to your existing packaging or product portfolio with leading-edge nano-optic security.

Key Advantages:

  • Extensive Usage Options: Ideal for multi-product applications as it can be cut into a range of sizes and shapes. LiveOptik PROTECT Security foil serves as the foundation of a cohesive brand protection solution, with support for overprinted serialization, application with tamper-evident material, and a variety of high strength adhesive bonds.
  • Cost Saving: Off-the-shelf, seamless, photorealistic design negates the need to pay for custom trademark registration, custom designs, and expensive originations.
  • Distinctive Multi-Image Switch: A crisp, clear multi-image switch with elements that turn on-off or on-invisible.
  • Secure: Cannot be captured or duplicated with comparable quality using other technology. It supports overprinting for additional layers of security or track and trace.
  • Vivid Colors and Resolution: Featuring bright, vivid colors with a photo-realistic resolution that cannot be matched by other technologies. LiveOptik’s resolution and vivid color benefit over traditional holograms.
  • LiveOptik patterned foil can be applied to tamper-evident material and/or a variety of high performance / high strength adhesive bonds.
  • Brand Protection Life Cycle: Built upon leading-edge, nano-optic technology, LiveOptik will delivers trusted anti-counterfeit protection for years to come and extends the life cycle of your brand protection programs.

LiveOptik PROTECT Security Foil Features


A crisp, clear multi-image switch with elements that turn on-off or on-invisible.


The quick, affordable off-the-shelf solution that is backed by nano-optic technology


Easy for consumers to validate, making it an excellent indicator of authenticity


Durable for any brand protection environment – warehouse, shelf, hangtag, in-store, etc. as it is highly durable with chemical resistance, delamination resistance, water-resistance, and scuff resistance


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