Custom Solutions

Structured Functional Surfaces and Films for Your Specific Applications

At META, we have extensive knowledge of designing and developing novel optically functional films and metamaterial-based systems. Our experienced and motivated team of scientists have a strong background in modern research methods and techniques and are at the forefront of advanced materials research and development. Our partnerships with leading research organizations in Europe, North America and Asia provide us with access to the highest quality research talent and to commercial distribution channels in some of the world’s largest technology markets. At META we also use these advantages to provide specialist research and development and consultancy services to both public and private organizations worldwide.

We are highly experienced in integration of our optical films into different optical systems and displays from a variety of industries; aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer electronics, energy and healthcare.

Our films can be used as part of a thin film, multi-layer stack and are compatible with common industries materials and processes: Hard Coating, AR coating, optical adhesives, plastic and glass sheets.

Due to their flexibility, our films can be applied and embedded on a flat, 1D curved, and 2D curved form factors. This includes lenses, visors, windows, windshields and HUDs.

Our developed systems go through validation and are tested against international environmental and aerospace standards.

META has a dedicated team that supports product development from ideation, to proof of concept, and to production. We use a full suite of custom and commercial metrology and characterization instruments, state-of-the-art optical tools (design and simulation software, tunable lasers, microscopy, opticomechanics, environmental testing and more).

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

  • Advanced materials & functional surfaces​
  • Electromagnetic metamaterials​
  • Light, radio waves and heat manipulation​
  • Light filtering and signal processing​
  • Optical and radio wave systems​
  • Holography, lithography, wireless and medical sensing​


  • Dedicated in-house R&D engineering teams working in harmony since 2013​
  • Full wave simulation tools (commercial and in-house)​
  • Rapid feasibility studies
  • AI and deep learning routines​
  • Optimization for fabrication and manufacturing restrictions​


  • Quick prototyping and proof of concepts
  • Advanced metrology and reporting tools​
  • ISO 6 and 7 clean rooms​
  • ISO:9001-2015 certified R&D processes​
  • Industry 4.0 ERP system​