A Revolutionary Transparent Conductive Film


NANOWEB® is a patented transparent conductive film that can be fabricated onto any glass or plastic surface with flexible material, low operating power requirements, and high transparency. It consists of invisible nanostructured metal wire mesh, with a unique mesh geometry design that allows for a highly conductive and transparent layer. High conductivity allows operation using very little power while remaining highly transparent. This unique combination of advanced material functionality offers new applications for the automotive and consumer electronics sectors, such as transparent heaters, transparent antennas and transparent electromagnetic wave shields.

NANOWEB® is composed of a grid of highly conductive lines, which allows more energy to pass through an open area surface versus non-patterned conductive materials. As the transparency is dependent solely upon the nano-structured geometric spacing and sub-micron dimensions of the mesh, NANOWEB® can be manufactured from silver, aluminum, platinum, copper, and many other metals, to deliver a wide-range of specifications and capabilities for our customers, without significantly affecting visibility. Additionally, sub-micron lines are designed to ensure this product is invisible to the human eye. META provides custom NANOWEB® solutions with tailored mesh designs of optimized transparency, haze, and conductivity for various applications. NANOWEB® is also light weight and can withstand extreme environments.

Key Benefits


It is invisible to the human eye. NANOWEB® provides customers with a higher level of transparency for conductive metal mesh. Due to its flexibility of design, it achieves higher levels of transmission and conductivity with very low haze.

Flexible and Durable

Fabricated on flexible films, NANOWEB® allows bending, flexing and folding without affecting performance. It can be shaped and molded to an object, covering the surface while maintaining its properties.

 Low Voltage

High conductivity allows NANOWEB® to operate using the low voltage power supplies currently available on transportation vehicles and planes, without the need for transformers.

High Conductivity

NANOWEB® remains highly conductive, while maintaining its high transparency and invisibility of lines. Its level of conductivity can be modified by the type of metal used or by altering the geometric design.

 Large Surface Area Coverage

NANOWEB® can be produced to cover large areas of glass or in large rolls of film. Large pieces of the film retain the same performance as smaller pieces.

Cost Effective

NANOWEB® can be produced on a large scale, allowing the cost per unit to decrease as volume increases

NANOWEB® Capabilities

De-icing/ De-fogging

META’s de-icing / de-fogging solutions feature a two-dimensional metal mesh system to deliver uniform heating, with low operating voltage requirements.
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Transparent EMI Shielding

NANOWEB® can be designed for microwave ovens of all standard shapes and sizes, delivering unparalleled safety against microwave radiation and a transparent viewing experience.
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Transparent Antennas

NANOWEB® transparent film antennas offer excellent radiation performance, enhanced signal reception, distribution, and can be mounted on windows, sunroofs and windshields.
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5G Communications

NANOWEB® can reflect and redirect 5G signals passively in dense urban environments, offering a more sustainable, aesthetic, and cost-effective solution versus installing additional network hardware.
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Other capabilities:

  • Touch Screens
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Sensor Protection
  • Solar
  • Anti-reflection
  • HUDs

Next-gen Solution

The collaboration between META and Panasonic Industry combines the design power of META’s metal mesh technology with Panasonic Industry’s exceptional production capabilities in transparent conductive films.

Technical Specifications

  NameSheet Resistance (Ohm/sq)Transparency (%)Haze (%)

Sustainable Science

META is the first company to dramatically reduce the amount of energy required to produce a square cm of nanomaterial products while at the same time allowing freedom of raw metal choice. NANOWEB® is a sustainable solution as a passive antenna/reflector for 5G infrastructure. Due to the use of multiple frequencies, a typical 5G base station is estimated to consume 68% more power than for 4G. At the higher frequencies, which provide the highest data rates, range is short, and signals are easily blocked by objects. Passive reflectors can reduce the need for more powered base stations and small cells. It is also a sustainable transparent heater for deicing and defogging. Embedded in a windshield, NANOWEB® is much more efficient than bulky hot air systems, extending electric vehicle range, and improving fuel economy.

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