Consumer Electronics Applications

EMI Shielding

NANOWEB® Transparent EMI Shielding Film for Microwave Ovens

NANOWEB® transparent conductive film for microwave oven applications offers EMI shielding to protect against microwave radiation. Conventional metallic meshes have patterned structures that are visible to the human eye, affecting transparency, haze, and tint, thereby limiting their use. META’s patented NANOWEB® offers up to 99% transparency, can be fabricated onto any glass or plastic surface, can fit all shapes and sizes, and demonstrates superior shielding performance, as compared to conductive oxides and existing metallic micro-wire mesh.

NANOWEB® transparent conductive film is produced through the proprietary Rolling Mask Lithography manufacturing process.  This allows precise fabrication and customization of metal mesh, with wire structure in the sub-micron range.  Invisible to the human eye, with unsurpassed flexibility and conductivity, NANOWEB® is engineered to reflect harmful microwave radiofrequency (RF) energy with incredible efficiency. To request samples or a demo, please contact us.

NANOWEB® EMI Shielding Film allows for complete transparency while offering effective EMI shielding protection.


  • Invisible to the human eye (sub-micron lines)
  • Low Resistivity (1-20 Ω/sq.)
  • High transmission (up to >99%)
  • Colour neutral, low haze (<1%)
  • Proprietary RML technology to deliver roll-to-roll (R2R) manufacturing, at scale.
NANOWEB® Mesh Structure
Transparent Microwave Oven windows offer consumers clear cooking visibility and enhanced safety