Consumer Electronics Applications

Transparent EMI Shielding

NANOWEB® provides Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding with unprecedented performance. EMI is caused by multiple electromagnetic signals interfering and causing a disturbance, affecting the performance of electronic devices, or even causing damage to the human body. With increased use of electronic devices, there is an elevated density of EMI in the environment. META’s shielding systems effectively minimize the EMI for applications that require high visible and IR transparency as well as optical clarity.

EMI shielding systems based on conductive oxides have limited performance in shielding due to dopant-density-limited conductivity. Conventional metallic meshes – limited by the fabrication tools – have features that are several microns wide. This makes the mesh visible to human eye, therefore limiting its use to certain applications. META’s NANOWEB® shows superior shielding effectiveness performance compared to transparent conductive oxides (ITO etc.) and existing metallic micro-wire meshes of similar transparency.