Consumer Electronics Applications

EMI Shielding

NANOWEB® is a transparent, flexible, and energy-efficient film.



NANOWEB® can be designed for microwave ovens of all standard shapes and sizes. It delivers unparalleled safety against microwave radiation and a completely transparent viewing experience. Traditional metallic grids often have noticeable patterns that affect how clear and color-accurate they are, restricting their applications. In contrast, META’s groundbreaking NANOWEB technology boasts up to 99% transparency and can be applied to any glass or plastic surface. Additionally, it outperforms current conductive films and metal oxides in terms of shielding effectiveness. To request samples or a demo, please contact us.

Product Information Sheet



NANOWEB® EMI Shielding Film allows for complete transparency while offering effective EMI shielding protection.



  • RF shielding upto 100 dB
  • High Transparency, non-diffractive
  • Broadband protection (50 MHz – 200 GHz)
  • Invisible to the human eye (sub-micron lines)
  • High transmission (up to >99%)
  • Colour neutral, low haze (<1%)

Compatible With:

  • Most flexible films (PET, Polycarbonate)
  • Any rigid substrates (glass, etc.)
  • Large area applications

Key Advantages:

  • Invisible to the human eye: features sub-micron lines that are virtually undetectable, offering a clear and unobstructed view. Non-diffractive design ensures a true-to-life display
  • Exceptionally low resistivity: ranges from 0.3-20 Ω/sq., ensuring effective and efficient electromagnetic interference shielding which can be customized to your product specification
  • High optical transmission: achieves up to >99% light transmission for a completely transparent viewing experience
  • Color-neutral and low haze: less than 1% haze and a color-neutral composition make for a crystal-clear window without distortion


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