QUANTUM™ stripe

Optimal Banknote Security with Engaging and Intuitive Authentication Effects.

QUANTUM™ stripe enables new dimensions of security and storytelling for banknotes. It combines multi -directional movement, 3D stereo depth, high resolution, and multiple colours to deliver unique visual effects that are easy to authenticate and difficult to replicate. It is backed by META®’s award-winning nano-optic display technology – KolourOptik® that is exclusive to the banknote and secure document industry.

QUANTUM stripe provides a high level of public engagement while enhancing the overall theme of a banknote through a toolkit of engaging, highly customizable, and intuitive authentication effects. Our pure plasmonic colour pixels patterned on ultra-thin microstructures create ‘always on’ effects that are unique, simple to understand, memorable and highly secure.

This ultra-thin, surface-applied form factor makes QUANTUM stripe compatible with all banknote substrates and production equipment, removing the risk of banknote distortion without requiring specialized application machinery or changes to existing processes. QUANTUM stripe won ‘Best Origination’ and ‘Best in Show’ at the 2023 International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) Excellence in Holography Awards.

Key Benefits

Memorable Visual Effects

QUANTUM™ stripe security features instantly draw attention and promote a memorable self-authentication experience.

Easy Authentication

Highly visible, easily triggered authentication across wide viewing angles and complex lighting conditions.

Flexible Production Compatibility

Ultra-thin, surface-applied, and compatible with existing banknote industry production processes, substrates, and application machinery.


Highly robust, formulated to meet or exceed industry standards. Exceptional best-in-class durability.

Sustainable Security

Built on a single layer of embossed material, without inks or dyes, making it one of the greenest security features available.

75% Thinner Than Micro-Lens Technology

The inherent strength and integrity of nanoscale structures guarantee a highly durable feature with a thickness of under ten microns.

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Technical Specifications

Applied foil thickness:< 10 μm
Width:Customizable, up to 25mm
Maximum resolution:25,400 ppi
Colour palette:200+ colour palette


Learn about our Sustainable Science 

Metamaterials do more with less – using a fraction of the material of competing micro-lens solutions, there is no need for laminated layers of lens-arrays, focal spacers, and inks or dyes. Visual effects are produced from the single layer of embossed structures.

  • Reduce the quantity and variety of material for enhanced sustainable security.
  • Reduce the number of production variables while increasing durability and consistency.
  • Single-layer metallized nanostructures, without inks, lenses, or lamination.
  • Secure production facility powered by renewable hydroelectric energy.
  • Plasmonic metastructures require no dyes, inks, micro-lenses, or gratings.