Meta Materials Inc. has developed VLEPSIS®, a revolutionary wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) technology. VLEPSIS is a turnkey multi-gigapixel EO WAMI system that integrates a gimballed sensor package with a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial system. It provides persistent, large-area, scene coverage at a resolution consistent with the ability to discern people. On-board software allows for 50+ simultaneous live video streams with AI-based multi-target tracking and ‘DVR’ capability. An integrated geographic information system is provided with the ground station for map-based user interactions and exploitation. An accompanying ground-based high-performance processing system provides full-scene machine learning for post-mission forensic analytics. An optional ultra high-resolution EO/IR video skyball is provided for cross-cued investigation of individual objects in the WAMI field of view.


Enhances the ability to protect critical assets and secure big events in real time

Provides situational awareness through unprecedented wide area motion imaging

Enhances the ability to understand the environment

Helps safeguard lives during environmental disasters

Enables smart city applications


Smart Cities

Disaster Assessment and Recovery

Border Monitoring and Control

Traffic Management

Security and Surveillance

Search and Rescue

VLEPSIS® Sensor Performance and Capabilities

System Performance ParameterValue
Ground Area Coverage12,000’ AGL24 km2
24,000’ AGL96 km2
GSD (@ nadir)12,000’ AGL10 cm
24,000’ AGL20 cm
Video Window Frame RateFull resolution4 Hz
Binned x 210 Hz
FFOV Archive Video Frame RateFull resolution2 Hz
Binned x 25 Hz
Number of Simultaneous Video Windows50+
Live Window Latency (imaging to client)< 3 sec
On-board DVR Windows and TrackingYes
Live Window Multi-Target TrackingYes
Size (gimbal diameter)14 in
Weight20 kg
Power500 W