Government Documents and Currency Authentication

KolourOptik: Nano-optic Display Technology for Government Document Authentication and Banknote Security

KolourOptik® is a patented technology providing government document and currency authentication. It combines sub-wavelength nanostructures and microstructures to create modern overt security features with a unique and customizable visual effect. KolourOptik pure plasmonic colour pixels patterned on ultra-thin microstructures create the thinnest full colour 3D movement security stripes and threads that are nearly impossible to replicate. KolourOptik originations are developed in a Class 100 cleanroom environment using the world’s most sophisticated electron beam lithography and proprietary nano-fabrication techniques to create the most uncompromising overt and covert banknote security and document authentication solutions in the market. At less than 5 microns thick, KolourOptik products seamlessly integrate into banknotes and other government documents without the need for specialized equipment or processes. KolourOptik was a finalist for the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) 2020 Excellence in Currency Technical Awards in the category of ‘Best New Currency Innovation’.

The META® KolourOptik display technology produces a unique combination of exceptional visual effects that result in uncompromising banknote security and limitless design flexibility. KolourOptik Advantages:

  • Full customization – motion, 3D depth, colour, design
  • Multi-colour palette – no holographic rainbowing
  • “Always on” – easy to authenticate, light condition agnostic
  • Movement – omni-directional movement and full parallax
  • 3D depth – three dimensional effects and floating effects
  • <5 micron – ultra-thin nano-scale form factor
  • Resolution – 127,000 dpi resolution; 6,350 ppi resolution
  • Mechanism – 50-350 nm structure and spacing sizes
  • Secure – combination of overt, covert and forensic features
  • Compatible – with most machine-readable features
  • Originations – dual 100kV e-beam lithography originations
  • IP protection – 32+ patents issued, 26+ patents pending

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Based on our KolourOptik nano-optic display technology, our products for Banknote and Government Documents include foils, threads, and stripes that combine movement, 3D depth, and colour to deliver uncompromising security and currency authentication.

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