Aerospace & Defense Applications


NANOWEB® offers a transparent, lightweight, flexible, and energy efficient solution for anti-ice and anti-fog applications. The film can be integrated with most clear surfaces including goggles, glasses, visors, windscreens, and windshields, to provide complete clarity at the touch of a button. Unlike conventional resistive transparent heaters, NANOWEB® features a two-dimensional continuous wire grid system that enables a uniform heat signature requiring very little current. It differs from alternative transparent conductors such as Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), silver nanowire (AgNW), graphene, and carbon nanotubes due to its precisely placed sub-micron wires. Each wire is permanently fixed within a thin film and does not have any overlapping wires. This ensures that NANOWEB® can be both flexible and durable enough to be bent, folded, or thermoformed without compromising its conductive integrity.

NANOWEB® can act as a resistive heater to generate heat on windows or surfaces, in adverse conditions. NANOWEB® can be fitted to a plane’s windscreen to remove ice quickly and to ensure that pilots have a clear view. A pilot could activate the process of de-icing whenever required. This could be done whether the plane is in the air or on the ground, with the switch of a button. NANOWEB® can also be used on goggles.

NANOWEB® provides the flexibility to quickly de-ice large or small surfaces when needed.