Medical Applications

Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring

META is currently developing a unique new product, called glucoWISE®, that is envisioned to be a non-invasive, 100% pain-free device for the monitoring of blood glucose levels without the need to pierce the user’s skin. To learn more about Glucowise® , please visit

Photo above is a rendering

META’s glucoWISE® “Home Hub” Product Concept

The glucoWISE® “Home Hub” product concept was developed as part of a 27-month long UK-funded project to develop a non-invasive glucose sensing prototype, which combined radio wave and optical sensors to improve accuracy in predicting glucose level changes. This collaborative effort took place in the UK involving four partners: META (via its wholly owned UK subsidiary, Medical Wireless Sensing Ltd.), The Imagination Factory, Virtual Clinic Direct, and Brunel Innovation Centre.

During the project, several prototypes of the system were developed, designed for use by diabetes patients in point of care settings such as homes and clinics. The system consists of a “Home Hub” along with a wearable element for overnight trend monitoring. It uses multiwavelength biosensing technology, which combines optical and radio wave sensors along with machine learning processing. The project demonstrated in a laboratory environment that the system improves the accuracy in predicting glucose level changes, compared to using standalone sensors. Preliminary results of the project, using an early prototype system, were published in the journal Sensors.