Automotive Applications

De-icing / De-fogging

NANOWEB® is a transparent, flexible, and energy-efficient film.

META’s de-icing / de-fogging solutions feature a two-dimensional metal mesh system to deliver uniform heating, with low operating voltage requirements. Exceptional transparency is achieved through precise geometric arrangement of conductive metal wires, which are invisible to the human eye.

Product Information Sheet


NANOWEB® is a patented transparent conductive film, and it provides the flexibility to quickly de-ice or de-fog large or small surfaces when needed. It can be integrated with a wide range of clear surfaces including goggles, glasses, LiDAR/RADAR sensors, cameras, and windshields, to provide complete clarity, no matter the conditions. This innovative technology serves as an efficient, transparent resistive heating film that can be fabricated onto most glass or plastic surfaces. With flexible material, low operating power requirements, and high transparency, META’s NANOWEB® enables exciting new applications to provide visual safety and maintain operational effectiveness. From pilots, to divers, to first responders, to surveillance cameras and self-driving vehicles, META’s transparent de-ice and de-fog films can take on adverse conditions quickly eliminate condensation, and prevent ice build-up to ensure a clear view.

Benefits of NANOWEB® for de-icing/ de-fogging applications:

  • High transparency, Non diffractive
  • Low power, lightweight
  • Compatible with LIDAR, RADAR, automobile camera systems
  • 4X faster than alternative transparent conductors
  • Fast and efficient melting/removal of ice
  • Safe to touch
  • Sustainable solution

Compatible With:

  • Most flexible films (PET, Polycarbonate)
  • Any rigid substrates (glass, sapphire, etc.)
  • Any metals (silver, gold, aluminum, copper, etc.)
  • Large area applications

Key Advantages:

  • World’s first: non-diffractive metal mesh design with ultra low haze (<0.3%)
  • Metal mesh design: 2D wire grid system for consistent and efficient heating
  • Exceptional transparency: up to 99%
  • Energy efficiency: low operating voltage for sustainable energy use
  • Wide range of applications: adaptable to multiple transparent surfaces
  • Customizable resistivity: 0.5-20 Ω/sq.


  • Windshield clarity: for automotive, marine, and aviation
  • Sensors and cameras: LiDAR/RADAR, security and surveillance
  • Safety goggles: industrial and medical applications