Consumer Electronics Applications

Transparent Antennas

NANOWEB® is a transparent, flexible, and energy-efficient film.

With the advent of smart cities and self-driving vehicles that require reliable connectivity, there is a growing need for large spectrum wireless communication technology. NANOWEB transparent film antennas offer excellent radiation performance, enhanced signal reception and distribution and can be mounted on automobile windows, sunroofs and windshields. This allows enables unparalleled high conductivity while retaining exceptional transparency.

NANOWEB® features a patented design based on a precisely engineered invisible metal mesh. This design allows the antennas to achieve high conductivity while maintaining significant transparency. Due to their ultra thin and flexible nature, these antennas offer placement options that traditional antennas can’t match. For instance, they can be integrated into vehicle windows, sunroofs, or windshields to deliver connectivity in areas where it’s most needed. Engineered to operate across a broad frequency range from 400 MHz to 92 GHz, NANOWEB® antennas are not just 5G-ready but are also primed for 6G and beyond. They are poised to become an integral part of the next generation of network infrastructure.


Transparent antennas are useful for integrating antenna functionality in surfaces while maintaining visibility, such as vehicle windshields and windows. They are designed by META and manufactured using our proprietary NANOWEB® material, a highly transparent metal mesh, which is an improved alternative to Indium tin oxide (ITO). The key benefit of NanoWeb transparent antennas is that high conductivity is maintained without sacrificing the electromagnetic behaviour of the antennas.


  • Optical Transmission up to 98%
  • Colour neutral
  • Haze <1%
  • Designed for frequencies 400 MHz – 92 GHz
  • On most flexible films (e.g. PET, PC)
  • On most substrates (e.g. glass and, sapphire)
  • Large area applications (up to 300 mm)


  • Very transparent to the human eye
  • High conductivity
  • Excellent radiation performance

Application Areas

  • Radar absorbing and scattering
  • 5G Antennas (vehicles)
  • Beam steering (including radar detection)
  • Bluetooth antenna (wearables)

Measured frequency response of transparent antenna fabricated prototypes

Transparent TV Dipole Antenna co-polar gain
(0 elevation angle) at 600 MHz, measurement
and simulation.

NANOWEB® Transparent 5G Antenna in ARfusion® Smart Lens

META® demonstrated the world’s most transparent antenna in prescription lenses for extended reality applications at AWE USA 2022.

5G connectivity directly offers several benefits: 100x more bandwidth, 10x decrease in latency, enhanced display resolution and wide field of view, telepresence for hands free expert support, eye tracking and seamless interaction with cloud-based AR applications, for example, bringing detailed information on demand to objects in the environment.