Aerospace & Defense Applications

Laser Glare Protection

META has developed a new, premium holographic optical filter that offers an unbeatable combination of transparency, laser glare protection and color fidelity.

metaAIR® is a flexible holographic optical filter that is engineered to provide laser glare protection from laser strikes. It has been created from photo-sensitive polymer materials using nanopatterned designs that block and deflect selected colors or wavelengths. It offers best-in-class transparency with combined filtering strength and transparency. metaAIR® for Law Enforcement is a flexible laser glare protection film from dangerous laser strikes while metaAIR® for Aviation eyeware contains a patented holographic optical filter that is engineered to provide glare protection from laser strikes. It has been scientifically designed with multiple layers to provide protection from harmful green laser light. The lenses are mounted in a bold, black frame custom fit for audio headsets and offer professional pilots an ideal combination of transparency, laser glare protection, and color balance.

The Story behind the Technology

In 2014 we entered the Airbus Corporate Innovation’s Start-Up-2-Partner program to develop a solution to provide pilots protection from laser interference. With the support of the Airbus Aircraft Security team, the program evaluated, tested and tailored metaAIR®. Early in 2017, a new agreement was signed between Airbus and MTI for the validation, certification and commercialization of the product. In 2018, MTI signed an exclusive global distribution agreement with Satair to bring metaAIR® laser glare protection eyewear to all aviation and military markets.

Discover how transparent our metaAIR® optical filter is. This unique tool enables you to see the impact various filters have on your vision. You can choose from a range of images and apply a variety of filters to see the transmittance and wavelengths. Click here for the comparison tool.