Secure Facility

Secure Production Facility

The META® Thurso production operation is a purpose-built 28,000 sq. ft. high-security facility in Thurso, PQ. It houses research, development and manufacturing and is designed to satisfy the stringent production accountability and security requirements for currency security device manufacturing. All production and manufacturing is done in a high-security inner zone which is surrounded by multiple layers of physical and logical security infrastructure, culminating in a secure physical perimeter for the facility.

Purpose-built for high security

Formed at the Bank of Canada in the 1980s, our Thurso team possesses over 30 years of optical thin film deposition manufacturing experience and over 125 years of vacuum deposition experience. This group is highly experienced in volume and specialized vacuum deposition, high precision UV casting, metalizing, security device application, machine design, currency analysis, ethical counterfeiting and overall currency and security device manufacturing from concept to delivery.

Facility capacity, capabilities and competencies:

  • Annual capacity of 5 Billion currency stripes and 10 Billion equivalent currency threads
  • Multi deposition zone roll to roll vacuum coaters capable of e-beam and sputter deposition of metals and ceramics
  • Wide format (1.2m) UV casting and curing line for nano scale structure production
  • Wide format printing and coating (gravure & flexographic) for the precision printing and coating of inks and adhesives
  • Narrow and wide format roll building, editing and machine vision/spectrophotometer quality control
  • Wide format demetalization
  • Available wide format metalization capabilities
  • Complete conversion facilities to quality control convert our films into finished products insuring optical and defect inspection and compliance
  • Complete laboratory facilities to analyze security features, perform quality & durability testing, perform ethical counterfeiting and build prototype security devices.

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