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Webinar – Next-gen, smart-passive components for improved safety & performance in Li-ion batteries

Peiman Hosseini PhD, Dmitry Yarmolich PhD, Ben Sloan and Steven Carlson PhD

META – Modern Holographic Optical Elements
Andrew Mark – Nov 23, 2020

In this webinar we will describe a new generation of holographic optical elements (HOEs) from META that offer optical engineers new flexibility in system design. Based on recently developed dry processed holographic recording media, these unique optical components are designed from the ground up for efficient mass production. They boast spectral selectivity and tunable diffraction efficiency, high transparence, and can support wavelength multiplexing and complex optical functions within a thin planar form factor. Together these qualities make HOEs well suited to solve technical challenges that cannot be addressed by conventional optics. This has made HOEs the technology of choice for a range of applications include laser blocking filters, transparent displays, couplers for waveguides, and optical combiners in head mounted displays for augmented reality.
We will review the underlying physics of volume holographic gratings and the photochemistry that makes recording possible. We will also introduce the basic characteristics of volume holographic gratings (VHGs) and provide design guidelines and formalisms to assist engineers in evaluating where and how HOEs can be used in their designs. Part of the value of photopolymer-based HOEs is their intrinsic compatibility with film integration approaches; we will show examples from META’s work integrating holograms with lamination and casting. We will also review META’s design pipeline and approach to guiding customers through the development and manufacturing phases of HOE.