KolourOptik® Stripe

Optimal banknote security with engaging and intuitive authentication effects

META’s KolourOptik® Stripe, exclusive to the banknote industry, uses our award winning nano-optic display technology that combines multi-directional movement, 3D stereo-depth, high resolution, and multiple colours to deliver unique visual effects that are easy to authenticate and difficult to replicate. 

The KolourOptik® Stripe offers unique, visually compelling effects that are simple to understand but memorable. Our proprietary nanotechnology, and the effects that it delivers, create a next level of security and visual engagement while enhancing the theme of the overall banknote. With a toolkit of highly customizable authentication effects, the KolourOptik® Stripe enables new dimensions of security and storytelling. 

KolourOptik® Stripe Security Features in Action

Learn About KolourOptik® Stripe Authentication Effects


Key Benefits

Memorable Visual Effects

The distinct, multi-coloured, movement effects of KolourOptik® Stripe instantly draw attention and promote a memorable self-authentication experience. Customizable effects and a broad colour palette will complement and secure your unique banknote design story. 

Flexible Production Compatibility

With less than 10 micron applied thickness, the ultra-thin, surface-applied KolourOptik® Stripe is compatible with existing banknote industry production processes, substrates, and application machinery.

Easy Authentication

KolourOptik® Stripe’s secure, nano-optic, ‘always-on’ colour and extraordinary movement deliver a highly visible, easily triggered authentication experience across wide viewing angles and complex lighting conditions. 

Sustainable and Durable

KolourOptik® Stripe is built on a single layer of embossed material, without inks or dyes, making it one of the greenest security features available. It is sustainable and durable, formulated to meet or exceed industry standards.


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