Counterfeit Protection for Your Licenses

Protect Licensing Revenues

Customers purchasing only authentic licensed products is critical to protecting your royalty revenues. With counterfeits and shipments of unlicensed products on the rise, the need for innovative brand and counterfeit protection solutions combined with clear visibility of the supply chain is vital to brand owners.

Our Counterfeit Protection Solution

Nanotech is a leader in product authentication solutions for licensed goods, using leading-edge nanotechnology. Nanotech’s custom security labels are nearly impossible to replicate due to our patented nano-optic technology developed for protecting banknotes. Our security labels, applied to authentic licensed products, deliver counterfeit protection for licensees. Nanotech’s solution confirms the product is authentic and produced by an approved licensee. The security labels protect licensees’ investments in a brand, affirm accurate royalty reporting, encourage customers to register products and interact with brands, and maximize revenue from the sale of authentic licensed products.




Colour Shift optical thin film has been the standard in document and currency security for over two decades, providing exceptional security and intuitive authentication. Now available to protect products with a custom colour palette, LumaChrome™ is proven, secure, easy to use and durable.

LumaChrome™ security foils and labels are fully customizable and can include items such as a logo, tagline, product image and other security features that are near impossible to reproduce.



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