Combat Counterfeit and Fake Sports Merchandise with Enhanced Security and Appealing Imagery

Sporting Goods are Hotbeds of Counterfeit Merchandise

The growing global popularity of events such as World Cups, Championship matches, and Premier Leagues makes this market an obvious and lucrative target. The sporting goods industry has been dealing with the challenges posed by fake, unauthorized goods for years.

$50 billion

Direct economic impact of counterfeiting on the global sporting goods and sportswear markets each year

Safeguard Your Official Products with Our Security Labels & Brand Protection Solutions


LiveLogo™ and Live Portrait™ security labels, tapes and seals enable easy, instantaneous verification of products by consumers in-store, or stakeholders in the supply chain including distributors, licensees, manufacturers and retail warehouses.



Our patented image-switch technology creates a unique and compelling three-image story with rich colours that capture and hold a customer’s attention as they tilt the product to experience multiple image transitions that can include movement & 3D depth.


Prevent Counterfeiting with our Brand Protection Products

Our leading anti-counterfeiting solutions help protect revenues and reputation, enabling enhanced security products with a combination of overt, covert and forensic features. Let us help you combat diversion and grey markets while delivering an appealing image with enhanced security.