Currency and Brand Protection

META® specializes in designing, originating, recombining, and mass-producing nanotechnology-based films with application for a wide variety of products and markets. Our customizable patented nano-optics include visual authentication technology with a unique combination of multiple colours, 3D depth and omni-directional movement. The visually engaging overt and covert security features are nearly impossible to reproduce and protect Government documents, banknotes and other customer assets while delivering a memorable visual experience.

KolourOptik® technology provides currency authentication and anti-counterfeiting products while our LiveOptik® technology provides brand protection security products. Both display technologies include a unique combination of exceptional visual effects that result in uncompromising security and limitless design flexibility. Nanotech’s products combine:

  • Full customization – motion, 3D depth, colour, artwork
  • Multi-colour palette, no holographic rainbowing
  • Movement and full parallax effects
  • 3D depth and float effects
  • Ultra-thin micro-lens like effects (<10 micron thickness)
  • Up to 127,000 dpi resolution; 6,350 ppi resolution
  • 50-300nm structure sizes, 200-350nm spacing
  • Combination of overt, covert and forensic features
  • Compatible with most machine-readable features
  • Dual 100kV e-Beam lithography originations
  • In-House secure origination and production equipment
  • 45+ patents issued, 25+ patents pending

Government and Banknote

Our innovative security products help Central Banks and governments guarantee the integrity of their currency and ID documents via advanced optical technologies that combine movement, depth and colour.


Brand Protection

Our brand protection products help authenticate genuine products while adding impactful design options that are extremely difficult to replicate.