Automotive World Expo 2023

Automotive World Expo Jan 2023 Meta Materials

Where: Tokyo, Japan

When: January 25-27, 2023

Join us at the Automotive World Expo 2023 in Tokyo, Japan. META® will be exhibiting in our partner Cornes Technologies’ booth #48-32 and showcasing our advanced automotive technologies.

Wider electric vehicle (EV) adoption demands improved material utilization along the automotive supply chain. META® is developing new battery materials and manufacturing techniques to address all these challenges. We welcome booth visitors to learn about our PLASMAfusion® high-speed vacuum coating technology, that has been used to produce prototype thin metal/polymer composite current collectors, significantly reducing weight and improving safety. The team will also demonstrate how NPORE® nanocomposite ceramic separators’ high temperature stability and unique properties help reduce the risk of thermal runaway. Attendees will also get an insight into how NANOWEB®  acts as a resistive heater to generate heat on-demand, quickly de-fogging/de-icing automobile windshields, or car sensors.  Click here to learn more about the show.

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