Dubai Air Show

Dubai Air Show

Where: DWC, Dubai South

Booth: 1670

When: November 13-17, 2023

Join us at the Dubai Airshow on November 13 -17, 2023. META® will be at booth #1670 showcasing our products, technology and their applications for the aerospace and defense industries. Come see our live demos!

• Electro-optical Systems – Get a preview of our VLEPSIS® technology, its proprietary hardware and AI software that enables analytical insights across a wide range of mission-oriented applications.

• Cyber Resilience – META’s NANOWEB® EMI shielding film effectively minimizes electromagnetic interference and protects sensitive devices for applications that require high transparency in both the visible and infrared spectrum.

• Battery Safety Solutions – Learn how META’s  NPORE® nanocomposite ceramic separators’ high temperature stability and unique properties help reduce the risk of thermal runaway. It provides superior functionality and outstanding heat resistance for current and next generation lithium-ion batteries. Additionally, our NCORE ultra-thin, metal–polymer composite current collectors enable lighter, safer batteries. Eliminating up to 90% of the copper contained in a typical current collector, NCORE reduces the weight of the battery and improves its performance and recyclability.

• Extreme Climate Solutions –  META’s NANOWEB®  De-icing / De-fogging transparent, flexible, energy-efficient film helps see through rough conditions. It enables exciting new applications to provide visual safety and maintain operational effectiveness. From pilots, to divers, to first responders, to surveillance cameras and military vehicles, META’s transparent heater films can take on adverse conditions by quickly eliminating condensation and preventing ice build-up to ensure a clear view.

• Transparent Antennas –  With the advent of smart cities and self-driving vehicles that require reliable connectivity, there is a growing need for large spectrum wireless communication technology. NANOWEB® transparent film antennas offer excellent radiation performance, enhanced signal reception and distribution and can be mounted on automobile windows, sunroofs, and windshields. This allows us to offer unparalleled high conductivity while retaining exceptional transparency

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