Webinar-Producing the World’s First Fully Plasmonic 3D Animated Banknote Security Feature

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Where: Online

When: May 3, 2023

Meta Materials invites our banknote industry customers and partners to our latest webinar – ‘Producing the World’s First Fully Plasmonic 3D Animated Banknote Security Feature’. Hosted by Reconnaissance International, the webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, May 3 at 16:00 PM BST (GMT +1:00) and will shed light on how KolourOptik® Stripe enables new dimensions of banknote security and storytelling with a toolkit of highly customizable authentication effects. Pioneering colour shift, nano-diffraction and now plasmonics, Meta Materials Inc. has been at the forefront of banknote OVD technology innovation for the past decade.

Meta Materials has been developing manufacturing capability for banknote stripes and is now able to bring these technologies direct to customers on our own in-house built foils. Join our VP of Product Management, Neal Skura, and VP of Technology & Innovation, Clint Landrock as they introduce Meta’s first in-house produced stripe and the world’s first fully plasmonic 3D animated banknote security feature. Our proprietary nanotechnology, and the effects that it delivers, create a next level of security and visual engagement while enhancing the theme of the overall banknote.

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