Our Story

Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science

META’s nano-optic security business supplies currency, document and brand protection products trusted by governments and corporations worldwide. Our innovative nano-optic display technology delivers some of the most sophisticated security features, combined with spectacular visual effects, that deliver unparalleled 3D depth, colour, and motion. It’s the perfect combination of art and authentication.

Advanced Engineering and Origination

META applies advanced micro and nano-optic engineering, modeling and simulation to create its products. Originations are made employing an advanced electron beam lithography system housed in a secure, $65M Class 100 (ISO5) clean room facility. Our process requires the precise execution of hundreds of delicate proprietary process steps, using optimized electron beam lithography to write terabytes of data over a large surface in an extremely efficient manner.

Our Mission

To protect governments and commercial organizations by delivering unmatched security, stunning visual effects and innovative consumer engagement solutions.

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Secure Production Facility

META’s Thurso production facility is a purpose-built 35,000 sq. ft. high-security facility in Thurso, Quebec. It houses research, development and manufacturing and is designed to satisfy the stringent production accountability and security requirements for currency security device manufacturing. All production is done in a high-security inner zone which is surrounded by multiple layers of physical and logistical security infrastructure, culminating in a secure physical perimeter for the facility.

Thurso’s specific capacity and competencies include:

  • Multi deposition zone roll to roll vacuum coaters capable of e-beam and sputter deposition of metals and ceramics
  • Wide format (1.2m) UV casting and curing line for nano-scale structure production
  • Narrow and wide format roll building, editing, and machine vision/spectrophotometer quality control
  • Available wide format metalization capabilities
  • Complete laboratory facilities to analyze security features, perform quality and durability testing, perform ethical counterfeiting and build prototype security devices

Specialized Production Skills and Knowledge

Formed at the Bank of Canada in the 1980s, META’s optical thin film (OTF) team possesses over 30 years of optical thin film deposition manufacturing experience and collectively 125 years of vacuum deposition experience. This group is highly experienced in volume and specialized vacuum deposition, high precision UV casting, metalizing, security device application, machine design, currency analysis, ethical counterfeiting and overall currency and security device manufacturing from concept to delivery.

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