Clint is a Canadian technology and business leader with global experience and winning track record of leading multi-disciplinary teams from start-ups through to mature product suppliers. Clint co-founded Nanotech Security Corp. and led Nanotech’s R&D and Product Development teams as its Chief Technology Officer, growing the company from a small university start-up to nearly $10M per year in revenue within 5 years. He has managed multi-year projects with budgets up to $50M CAD, with diverse multi-national teams.  Nanotech was acquired by Meta Materials Inc. Clint joined META as its Vice President of Technology & Innovation in 2022.  

Clint’s areas of expertise include meta-structure design and fabrication, advanced optics, nano-fabrication, nano-imprint lithography, R2R manufacturing, industrialization of lab-scale processes, holography, anti-counterfeiting and document security, systems engineering and neuroscience.  He holds a B.Eng in Aerospace Engineering from Ryerson University; an M.A.Sc. in Neurophysiology and Electrical Engineering from Simon Fraser University; completed summer programs at the University of Bologna in partnership with Harvard Medical School and the University of Twente in “Advanced Technologies in Neuro-Motor Assessment & Rehabilitation”.  He put his Ph.D. on hold at SFU to start and run Nanotech but hopes one day to get back and finish it off.