Safeguard your products

Safeguard your products

Combat counterfeit and fake merchandise with enhanced security and appealing imagery using nano-optic technology

Win the battle against counterfeit goods with LiveOptik™

LiveOptik™ is a patented technology that utilizes innovative nano-optics one tenth the size of traditional holography to create next generation overt security features customized to our customers’ unique requirements. LiveOptik delivers multi-colour, 3D depth, movement, and image switches in its secure brand protection solutions, including stripes, threads, and security labels.


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Nano-optic Display Technology

Nanotech’s nano-optic display technology employs sub-wavelength nano-scale diffractive structures and proprietary algorithms to enable high impact visual designs, product authentication, and brand protection. The technology’s visual effects include RGB true colour (24 bit), high-contrast movement, on/off effects, and image switches; all using diffraction efficiencies approaching the theoretical maximum.

Our Solutions

Based on Nanotech’s LiveOptik™ nano-optic display technology, our products for brand protection include foils, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) security labels, and online brand protection solutions. Our physical security labels combine movement, depth and colour to deliver uncompromising security.


  • Distinctive 3-image switch
  • Extensive design options
  • Flexible form factor
  • Secure


  • Unprecedented resolution
  • Photorealistic
  • Flexible form factor
  • Secure


  • Striking colour transition
  • Highly durable
  • Multiple formats
  • Secure

Let’s Work Together!

Our leading anti-counterfeiting solutions help protect revenues and reputation, enabling enhanced security products with a combination of overt, covert and forensic features. Let Nanotech help you combat diversion and grey markets while delivering an appealing image with enhanced security.